A Change of Pace

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. I’ve wanted to. I’ve thought about it probably a thousand times, but something else always took priority over finding time to sit and spill it all to my little piece of the internet.

It could be that.

Or it could be that I have found myself in a rut. Writer’s block, if you will? That I have become so focused on other aspects of life that the creative outlet I love so much has become more of a nuisance.

When put that way, it sounds bad. It sounds like my love for writing may not be love at all. Loathe, perhaps?

You see, God has an incredible way of working in our lives. When God called me to create Coffee, Cuddles, and Jesus I knew He was on to something great. I knew He was using me to reach people in a way that I would have never had the confidence to do on my own. I knew He wanted to me write and to share my story.

The problem? There was something missing.

Yes, I absolutely have a passion for Christ but I also have personal passions and goals. My biggest passion in life, especially now that I’m a mom, is setting a good example for my kids by exercising regularly and creating healthy meals for my family; all while keeping my focus on Christ and all He is doing in my life.

This is my passion.
This is my identity.
This is me.

So, friends, please bear with me as we go through a transformation.
Being anything but our best is not an option.

Many blessings,


Guiding Your Children Through Prayer; Repentance

Acts 3:19 tells us to, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that He will forgive your sins.” 

As parents, I believe it is extraordinarly important for our children to hear and see us pray. Not only does this promote normalcy with prayer in our home, but it allows our children an opportunity to see how we handle situations. If we are grateful, where do we go first;  to worldly friends to potentially boast, or do we go to God in thanksgiving? If a problem arises, to whom do we turn; to family to ask for their opinion or do we pray to God in supplication? Our children are watching and it’s our job as Christian mamas raise our littles to know and trust in God’s unwavering love.


How this all began: One day my three-year-old son decided it was a good idea to hurl a block at his seventeen-month-old sister, hitting her smack-dab in the back of head. Instead of putting him in time out — which if I’m being completely honest, I would normally would do — I took a deep breath and allowed the Lord to bring forth an opportunity to use this as a teaching moment. I knelt down next to him and softly asked him to apologize. He said sorry and gave her a hug; but this time I took it a step further and I told him he needed to pray to God for forgiveness. With a slight look of confusion, he did it. We moved on and proceeded with our day.

Fast forward to just after dinner and he, yet again, did something against his younger sister. Just as I asked him to notice how sad Rory was and after giving him the, “we need to be more considerate” speech, he closed his eyes and began to pray. “Jesus, please help me to be a better Ivo. I’m sorry I took a toy from sissy and made her cry. Amen.”


I had no idea that the simple act repentance earlier that day would have enough impact for him to remember it, nonetheless pray for forgiveness on his own. It was in this moment when I realized it was time to dig deeper in our relationship with God through prayer. Since this scenario, about four weeks ago, we have made it a point to not only repent during our nighttime prayers but to also stop what you are doing and confess your sinful behavior to Christ, as it happens. Since doing this we have seen significant improvements in his behavior.

Mamas, I am challenging you to try intentional repentance in your home with your children. After one week, I will check back and I would love to hear how this simple act of obedience improves your relationship with your child, and even more so, your child’s relationship with their Father.

Have a blessed Monday,

The Power of Persistence in Prayer

Mamas, let’s talk about the power of persistence in prayer for just a minute.
1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to “pray without ceasing;” and let me tell you, I have done it. I have prayed for so many things in my life and, in His time, God always comes through.
He is, after all, an unfailing God who hears our cry.


This verse was written in my planner on March 18, 2013; nearly five years ago.

“Wives, in the same way, submit to yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the Word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.”  -1 Peter 3:1-2

Each day since this was written I have prayed for the salvation of my husband. I prayed that he may keep an open mind and a soft heart when it comes to our Lord; that God would bring and keep His spirit in my husband’s heart; that He would remove Satan’s binding influence; and that the Lord would clearly show him that all wonderful things are blessings from above. In this, I also had to pray for myself. I prayed for a soft, humble, and understanding heart toward my husband; I prayed for an opportunity to minister to him and to bring him closer to God; I prayed for patience; I prayed for understanding; and I prayed for other believers to have an influence on him.

Well, mamas, our gracious Father has came through, yet again. Last night it became clear that God has been doing His mighty work on my husband’s heart. After years and years of prayer, God is, once again, showing his unfailing love! What a wonderful blessing!

Mamas, when you begin to feel discouraged in your prayers or feel as if God is not hearing your cry; know He is. Jeremiah 29:12 says, “Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” He hears you. He has a plan for you and He knows what is best for you. He loves you and He will never fail you. Patience mama; your time is coming!

Happy and blessed Monday,