And Now Why Do You Wait?

I talk so much about the amazing ways in which the Lord speaks to us.

A month or so ago, I decided it’s time for me to be baptized. I emailed my ministry team at church and signed up. Last week, I received the emails back and have been hesitant to respond.

Am I ready?
Have I changed my ways enough?
Have I repented enough?
Is my heart as pure as it needs to be?

Earlier today, I had a conversation explaining my feelings about it to a couple of my Christian girlfriends. I explained my thoughts and worries and they reassured me and we moved onto another topic. Later this afternoon, I began listening to Christian music on my iPhone. I was listening and browsing for new music and “Back to the Garden” by Crowder, came to mind.┬áIt is my absolute favorite song at the moment.

Upon listening and being deeply moved — as I always am with this song — I decided to watch the video. This, my friends, is the perfect example of God speaking to us through music.

As I watch to the end, I begin to weep. Weep with thanksgiving to our God, who makes things so clear. To our God who doesn’t require us to be perfect to receive His grace and love.

This is what our Savior does. When we begin to doubt the Truth, when we feel as if we aren’t worthy of Him, or when we doubt ourselves and what we are doing; He delivers. He uses whatever means available and He speaks what we need to hear. He speaks His Truth and makes things in question clear again.

And now why do you wait? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name. – Acts 22:16